Types of Stainless Steel polishing Options

There are various stainless steel polishing alternatives that modify something beyond the appearance of material. Whatever the proposed use, picking the correct alternative choice is necessary!

In contracts when design & appearance is an essential thought, an attractive finish will work as a ‘cherry to the cupcake’ & improve the overall appeal of the end product.

Rough surface finishes are suitable when the steel will be grounded before painting and sticking. Smooth surface polishing is better where the steel will be blended.

The choice of finish should be previously decided according to its further use by standard industry designations.

History of surface polishing standard and development

During the last part of the 1970’s, British Steel researchers found that dull polishing on stainless steel demonstrated a wide scope of surface roughness.

Further testing uncovered that steel with high surface roughness was intensely harmed by the cleaning activities, while steel with low surface roughness was moderately harmed.

During the mid-1980’s dull polished steel turned out to be broadly utilized on tasks, for example, prominent structural activities. However, it was found that a portion of these dull polished finishes had poor corrosion resistance, particularly when exposed to seawater. Thus, another surface finishing process came into existence which remains being used to this day.

The most common stainless steel polishing alternatives are:

  • Matte Finish
  • Mirror Finish

Matte finish

Matte Finishes are dull in appearance;; However, they’re a decent decision where shiny appearance isn’t that important or when further finishing is expected. Matte finishes are cheaper than other stainless steel polishing alternatives.

Matte finish
Matte finish

Mirror finish

Mirror finishes are highly reflective like a mirror and made by cleaning the hardened steel. The polishing process enhances appearance and consistency, making cleaning simpler. It also hides the after effects of welding and surface damage.

Mirror finishing is that it improves corrosion resistance. The polishing coverup crevices where corrosive particles can lodge themselves

Mirror finish

So, take necessary actions for your stainless steel equipment quickly before it’s too late!

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