Need For Stainless Steel Buffing : Explained

Buffing is the process of leveling out buildup or extra particles of a specific product. In many cases it will either build the shine, or even out the buildup & provide a uniform look to the product.

Buffing of stainless steel equipment is performed by the process utilizing a fabric wheel loaded with cutting compounds and rouges. The fabric buff “holds” or “conveys” the compound, while the compound does the cutting.

Indeed, even the cut buff, which is the rough polishing activity, is excessively fine for removal of pits, abrasive polishing lines, or deep  scratches. This is the reason why surface refinement polishing is done prior to buffing because polishing generates a brushed or lined finish, whereas buffing removes the lines and creates a bright shiny finish.

Buffing for the most part requires two activities, a cut buff and a finish buff.


The cut buff is the more typical buff process and requires additional time, efforts and pressure, causing increased operator fatigue. The cut buff will eliminate the last cleaning lines, however may not be as brilliant as required. The finish buff will create the radiance.

  • Spiral Sewn
  • Set Up Wheels
  • Sisals
  • Treated Airways


The Finish/colour buff is the finest buffing process for surface finishing. This process eliminates the fine recognizable lines made by the cut buff cycle, while making a bright brilliance finish.

  • Loose Buffs
  • Concentric Sewn
  • Airway
  • Flannel

The Buffing wheel is the actual carrier & transporter between the grating compound, and the workpiece so, the buffing wheel should match the construction of workpiece surfaces,

For. Eg.,

  • A harder buff isn’t as flexible and is more forceful. It is commonly used on flat surfaces.
  • A softer buff is more comparable and less forceful which makes it ideal for work pieces with more complex shape.

What Buffing is done for?

Buffing is done in several stages for the detailing process and to bring fine finish to the workpiece with bright shine.

  • Eliminating excess wax or sealant after hazing
  • Removal of excess product residue to give it even finish
  • Removing old polish residue
  • Essentially removes superficial material and imperfections
  • Create a smoother surface with increased gloss

Buffing basically adds gloss to the work piece, and gives the surface a final look.

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