Mirror Polishing: Stainless Steel

A mirror finish on Stainless steel isn’t simply aesthetically satisfying, yet it has a couple of different advantages relying upon precisely what you’re fabricating. Continue reading this blog to check whether a mirror finish is a thing that you truly need, and discover the process & techniques we do for the stainless steel equipment that will get you an incredible outcome!

What is mirror finishing?

A mirror finish on stainless steel is high-reflective, smooth & get done with a scratch-free appearance, accomplished through cleaning the treated steel.

A mirror finish can be accomplished precisely, utilizing the arrangement of abrasives and polishing compounds.

Why choose mirror finishing for your stainless steel?

The mirror finish is frequently picked for stainless steel items that need to look appealing, similar to machine design, kitchen/restroom tap-wear, or fine arts. The advantage to a mirror finish isn’t only that it looks extraordinary, yet that it is exceptionally erosion safe.

This is because of the cleaning method which eliminates profound scratches which can hold tiny destructive particles. This is the place where mirror completes are especially valuable in coastal architectural projects which can be presented to salt air, the pharmaceutical industry where hygiene is given priority.

How to get a mirror finish on stainless steel?

To get to a mirror finish, here’s a step by step guide:

Step 1: Level/remove the welding remains or fabrication marks

Step 2: Sanding the whole piece to make it ready for polishing

Step 3: Apply the polishing compound on the mob for a super shiny finish

For best results:

  • Clean the surface before sanding this will prevent dirt particle to get embedded on the surface of the workpiece & will add durability to the equipment.
  • After removing weld, the first sanding ought to be toward the first metal grain to blend in the weld.
  • At each ensuing phase of sanding, move toward a path 90° from the past sanding heading. This will guarantee all scratches are taken out.
  • Always use perfectly cleaned mop if applying more than one type of polishing.
  • The higher the mirror finish you want on steel, the more you will need to do the sanding process.

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