How Electropolished Stainless Steel provide benefits to Pharmaceutical Applications

Electropolishing has become a common and necessary treatment for stainless steel used in industries where corrosion resistance, cleanability &  hygiene is given priority, also because of covid-19, it’s the need for the time to stay safe during and after this pandemic.

You must be thinking what is this process, we’ll let you know:

Electropolishing is a chemically surface finishing method by which metal is electrochemically eliminated ion by ion from the surface of the metal workpiece.

The essential goal is to limit micro-roughness caused by tiny pits not visible through naked eye and significantly limiting the danger of dirt or germ deposits and improving the cleanability of surfaces; electropolishing is likewise utilized for smoothening, bringing shine and making steel surface chemically less reactive.


The benefits electropolished stainless steel provide to pharmaceutical industrial applications :

1. Improved Sanitation Control for Medical Applications

Sanitization is the priority every industry giving to their products and equipment, the reason we all know. At the point when medical equipment or machine tanks etc have an uneven or rough surface, that makes little spots or tiny pits where dirt and germs can pile-up.

This builds the danger that a few microorganisms, infections, or soils may not be completely disinfected or eliminated when clinical hardware is cleaned.

By electropolishing stainless steel, these tiny concealing spots are removed, giving pollutants no place to stay. This makes it simpler to completely sanitize electropolished stainless steel between uses.

2. Reduced Galling and Seizing of Medical Mechanisms

Having a minutely smooth surface helps in preventing friction through rubbing of parts in medical machinery. This is the reason manufacturers of medical or pharmaceutical equipment frequently apply the electropolishing process to their items to overcome the same problem.

3. Improved Surface Appearance for Medical Equipment

In the medical industry, it’s important for the sanitized equipment to look perfectly clean & spotless. After all, a surgical blade covered with burn marks at the joint between the edge and the handle wouldn’t prove a lot of trust in the sterility of the apparatus.

Electropolishing processes to steel pieces of equipment leave a perfect, smooth, and uniform-looking surface. This makes it simpler to tell if the apparatus is sterile or not.

4. Reduced Risk of Sharps or Burrs

Another advantage of using stainless steel that has been electropolished is that the cycle can remove sharps and burrs brought about by welding or other metal framing or fabrication measures. By removing sharps and burrs, metal structures can be made more secure & safe for manual use.

This helps to prevent minor wounds as well as accidental contamination risks from open cuts in a pharmaceutical or medical industry.


Electropolishing is possibly the most well-known steel finishing procedure for medical and pharmaceutical applications. Stainless steel electropolishing is mainstream for these applications because it gives essential advantages which sum up to the sterility of stainless steel used in pharmaceutical & medical industry.

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