Buffing & Polishing : The Need for Durability

As we know the industrial types of equipment are a bit costly and their depreciation increases if they get damaged due to any wear and tear, this will result in immense loss, and discontinuity of particular operation handled by the Equipment.

Thus, Proper maintenance while taking care of equipment from rusting and other damage is necessary and important for you. Buffing & polishing of stainless steel machine equipment makes your hardware long-lasting and also saves your money from product damage.

How?? We’ll let you know, let’s continue with what is buffing & polishing actually!

What Is Buffing?

Buffing is characterized as a completing process that includes cleaning a workpiece, by removing excess product dirt and particles that generally increase the level of gloss. This process may utilize a wheel that is covered with a grating plate. The free buffing on the plate basically eliminates shallow material and blemishes, subsequently making a smoother surface.

What is Polishing?

Polishing is viewed as a more forceful completing cycle when contrasted with buffing. It’s ready to eliminate more shallow material from the outside of a workpiece, considering a more shine and more cleaned finish.

Polishing is of two types : Matt polishing & Mirror polishing.

Why is it necessary:

Polishing of Industrial Equipments eliminates surface peaks to reduce roughness but also friction, wear, noise and dynamic fatigue of the equipment and to improve parts performance.

The benefits are measurable at several levels:

  • Higher equipment efficiency
  • Increase in mechanical performance
  • Extension of the life of the parts
  • Reduced vibration, noise and energy consumption
  • Runs smoothly

hence, the quality and performance of the polishing compounds, buffing mops

used by skilled engineers are the only key elements in achieving the expected roughness & fineness without making any change to the part.

Proper shaping and giving mirror shine to a wide range of industrial products such as :

( Reactor, Condenser, FBD, VTD, Vessels, Tank, Pipeline, Centrifuge, Stock Drum, Skreporr,

Table Bench, Tray, Box, S.S. Stand, Multi mill, Blender, Jet Mill, Kapat ) is our work speciality.

We are a team of 40 skilled engineers and technicians, having 20 years of experience in this business and we are proud to say we can provide you high quality Buffing and polishing Services & protection to industrial stainless steel hardware/ machine equipment to increase their life and aesthetics.

All stainless steel lasts long when maintained and cleaned correctly, and this can be done by regular intervals of buffing and polishing treatment of equipment, taking necessary actions for your stainless steel equipment to improve their durability that lasts long!!

Give your equipments Buffed & Polished protection, visit us to know more – www.omsaicontractors.com

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