Why Buffing & Polishing is necessary for Stainless Steel equipment?

You must be thinking why buffing and polishing stainless steel is important? Here is the answer to your doubts,
Firstly, we have to understand the properties of stainless steel and what causes your stainless steel to rust (corrosion) and stain (deterioration).

Stainless steel is a steel alloy containing iron, chromium, and nickel, with a minimum percentage of 10.5% chromium content that forms a defensive film to keep the metal corrosion resistant with little maintenance, unlike iron or ordinary steel that effectively erodes.

The level of iron in any treated steel material (around 70-80% in kitchen-grade steel) makes it fit for rusting under specific conditions .

Keeping this defensive film undamaged by proper maintenance through buffing and polishing services will help you keep your hardware, Machine equipment etc, in extraordinary condition, for a longer period of time.

So, what causes corrosion?

Corrosion can evolve on Stainless steel hardware if the defensive film has been broken down because of mineral deposits from hard water, utilization of harsh cleaning tools/devices, or cleaners that contain chloride, food particles that have been left behind or salt.

Over the long run, these causes make tiny pits and crack on the outside of the steel (not visible from naked-eye) that expand in size and profundity after some time, resulting in red-orange rust.

How to protect your machine equipments, hardware from rusting?

Properly finished stainless steel is easier to keep clean for sterile and commercial applications, for example, equipment used in healthcare industries like hospitals or food & beverage industries like restaurants.

In consumer products, for example, cooking hardware, the aesthetic of a well-polished sheet of stainless steel has high deals in advance.

Protect your steel equipment by buffing & polishing :

Properly polished stainless steel looks attractive and helps to minimize the risk of bacteria being retained by the steel, also a smooth surface is less inclined to mass storage of bacterias, and is spotless, which generally becomes the central focus for localized corrosion.

An accurately buffed and polished stainless steel surface has a superior protection from erosion than a surface that is generally or severely cleaned, for use in forceful conditions, for example, in the seaward or atomic enterprises.

All stainless steel lasts long when maintained and cleaned correctly, and this can be done by regular intervals of buffing and polishing treatment of equipment.

So, take necessary actions for your stainless steel equipment quickly before it’s too late!

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