Mirror Polishing: Stainless Steel

A mirror finish on Stainless steel isn’t simply aesthetically satisfying, yet it has a couple of different advantages relying upon precisely what you’re fabricating. Continue reading this blog to check whether a mirror finish is a thing that you truly need, and discover the process & techniques we do for the stainless steel equipment that […]

How Electropolished Stainless Steel provide benefits to Pharmaceutical Applications

Electropolishing has become a common and necessary treatment for stainless steel used in industries where corrosion resistance, cleanability &  hygiene is given priority, also because of covid-19, it’s the need for the time to stay safe during and after this pandemic. You must be thinking what is this process, we’ll let you know: Electropolishing is […]

Need For Stainless Steel Buffing : Explained

Buffing is the process of leveling out buildup or extra particles of a specific product. In many cases it will either build the shine, or even out the buildup & provide a uniform look to the product. Buffing of stainless steel equipment is performed by the process utilizing a fabric wheel loaded with cutting compounds […]

Types of Stainless Steel polishing Options

There are various stainless steel polishing alternatives that modify something beyond the appearance of material. Whatever the proposed use, picking the correct alternative choice is necessary! In contracts when design & appearance is an essential thought, an attractive finish will work as a ‘cherry to the cupcake’ & improve the overall appeal of the end […]

Buffing & Polishing : The Need for Durability

As we know the industrial types of equipment are a bit costly and their depreciation increases if they get damaged due to any wear and tear, this will result in immense loss, and discontinuity of particular operation handled by the Equipment. Thus, Proper maintenance while taking care of equipment from rusting and other damage is […]

Why Buffing & Polishing is necessary for Stainless Steel equipment?

You must be thinking why buffing and polishing stainless steel is important? Here is the answer to your doubts, Firstly, we have to understand the properties of stainless steel and what causes your stainless steel to rust (corrosion) and stain (deterioration). Stainless steel is a steel alloy containing iron, chromium, and nickel, with a minimum […]

Innovative Surfacing Techniques

For world-class treated steel cleaning and polishing administrations, look no farther than om sai contractors-Buffing and Polishing Contractors in Thane. We tackle an assortment of cleaning and polishing rehearses so we can guarantee you get the most ideal outcomes. Regardless of whether you need a solitary tempered steel part cleaned/polished or a huge number of […]